Loss Support Groups and Counselling

When a baby passes away or is born still it is unexpected, shocking, difficult, and a lonely loss to bear. There is a lot of silence and misunderstanding about miscarriage and stillbirth and it can be a challenging journey to grieve and integrate this loss. It is because of the love felt for the unborn child that the loss and emptiness is so devastating. That the empty arms and empty nursery are so painful. The loss of a pregnancy through miscarriage is common and happens in about 40% of pregnancies but despite how frequently it happens it is painful and can feel shattering. There is no blame and often there is no explanation for why it happened. The support and sharing of a similar experience among other women who have also experienced a perinatal loss can make this devastating experience just a bit easier and less lonely to get through.

Angel Mommies Support Group

This support group is open to all mothers who have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss whether recent or long ago. If you would like to speak with and share with other mothers who have also lost a baby or experienced a miscarriage(s) then this group is open to you. The group is non-judgmental, supportive and co-facilitated by other mothers who also understand and are also grieving and coming to terms with these sudden and unforseen endings.

There is a minimal fee of R150. Reduced if needed.

First Thursday of every month from 6 to 7h30 pm. please contact Sally at birthsupport.co.za

PAL's and Rainbows Support Group

This support group is for mothers who are pregnant again after experiencg a loss (PAL). This can be a terrifying pregnancy with the experience of loss so recent and experiencd first hand. Support from other mothers who understand is valuable and comforting. A baby born after a stillbirth is called a rainbow baby and the group allows you to remember and talk about your angle baby despite your living child. The group is held by mothers who have been though this journey.

The group meets when needed Contact Shannon Roach 082-583-6915

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