Antenatal Classes

Not all childbirth classes are the same. These unique classes are for expectant parents seeking honest, practical and current information, self-awareness, and creative, interactive and lively classes.

We meet in a warm and nurturing space to learn about birth, babies and parenting. In small intimate groups we explore the possibility of birth being a rite of passage. Through focusing on the process of labour and birth we embrace the experience as it unfolds. Birth is prepared for as a journey. The classes offer parents tools to work with the intensity and challenges of birth. Developing a non-judgmental mindset to your journey coupled with pain coping practices, parents will awaken their instinctual ability to birth their baby.

Classes include the following:
  • Many Mindful Pain Coping Practices that build confidence and a positive mindset to help you move through labour's intensity, pain and the unknown
  • How birth works and what you can do to help it
  • A Prenatal nutritional check in
  • Cage or tame your "Birth Tigers" by dealing with your fears before birth.
  • Asking questions and getting information
  • Giving birth by caesarean in awareness
  • Special Fathers class as fathers experience birth from their perspective! In addition to learning how to support the mother through labour, they also need to know what they will need as they witness the birth of their child as birth is also a right of passage for them.
  • Ways to welcome your baby and yourself as a newly "born" parents
  • Baby proofing your relationship
  • How to prepare and support your postpartum recovery and transition to parenthood

  • Weekend Intensive Class cost is R1950 per couple. Includes tea & coffee. Notes and supplies will be provided. Classes paused. Sally is on sabbatical.

    Birthing Again

    This unique workshop is perfect for preparing couples who are birthing again. This class will help you prepare to Birth Again and grow your family with love and sensitivity to your children. Couples are facilitated to reflect and learn from their first birth experiences to enhance the upcoming birth and their relationship. This class gives you an opportunity to connect with this new baby growing quitely (quiter than your toddler) inside your belly.

      Refresh of childbirth & coping skills
      Preparing siblings
      Connecting with THIS baby
      Practical tips & tools
      Couple time
      Baby proofing the relationship
      and much more....

    Birthing Again Classes Cost is: R1150 per couple. Classes paused. Sally is on sabbatical.

    Parents and Baby Class

    A workshop for connecting & strengthening your relationship and parental roles

    This one day workshop with baby will focus on:

      Adjusting to a new life as parents
      Improving communication
      Clarifying each persons expectations and different parenting styles
      Having some fun together as a family
      Building respectful co-parenting strategies

    Parents and Baby Class Cost is: R1150 per couple.Classes paused. Sally is on sabbatical

    The King will decree your silence:

    What parents said about the classes

    "The classes were invaluable in making us spend the necessary time preparing inwardly as a couple for our baby's birth. Great way to prepare for the life changing event of becoming parents" ~ Mother

    "The classes brought us closer together. It eradicated all fears and made us more aware of my body and what it can do" ~ mother

    "I feel I know how to support my wife during pain. I am now open to anything happening in birth" ~ father

    "I liked the holistic approach to birth and parenting - mental, physical and emotional. The classes were practical and a great way to prepare for this life changing event of becoming parents!" ~ mother

    "Sally was so caring and positive. I really value the time she spent helping us prepare for birth. Her enthusiasm was wonderful." ~ mother

    "Thank you so much for the class this past week-end. I really did enjoy it and it made me think about so much BUT also feel more confident and ready for the birth in particular." ~ mother

    "These classes helped my partner and I to bond and they greatly increased our communication and confidence about birth" ~ mother

    "I feel completely prepared and I loved every minute of my classes" ~ mother

    "Thank you for a really well spent weekend, we both enjoyed it thoroughly." ~ father

    "Thank you so much for the amazing course we were able to share over the weekend. Thank you for opening our minds and hearts. It was so worth while. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves." ~ mother

    More Info

    To Find out more about this approach to childbirth and parenting preparation, you can check out the website. You will also find great blog articles to help you prepare not only your mind but also your heart and soul for birth.

    Schedule of upcoming Classes in 2019

    7 Class Series no classes at the moment.Classes paused. Sally is on sabbatical

    Note: Most medical aids will reimburse for a portion of my classes. PR No 0387932